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Making sure to be prepared is essential have a survival plan prepared. After you survived whats next? Rescue Signaling Kit

Natural disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding and landslides, forest fires, tornadoes, and many other disasters can present themselves unexpectedly. They all can have a major disruptive affect on our lives. Being prepared for these events can help you and your family ride out the storm and come out on the other end safely and better able to handle post disaster situations.

Make sure you have a disaster plan. What's more important in this case though is that you have a plan that you and others can put into motion quickly to get out of a dangerous area and to higher ground. It's essential to practice your escape plan with family members so you can get to a meet-up point quickly and safely.

After an earthquake has passed, don't immediately assume the danger is gone. In some cases, damaged structures can fall well after the shaking has stopped, or there may be other hazards in or around your home or office to deal with. Assess the situation, and execute on your disaster plan. Meet your family or coworkers in a safe space, away from damaged buildings and other hazards like hanging wires, fires, gas leaks, falling glass, or uneven ground. SIGNAL AND ALERT RESCUE PARTIES OF YOUR WHEREABOUTS

Hurricanes can often leave the type of destruction in their wake that resemble floods, thunderstorms, and tornadoes all in one. If you've sheltered in place, odds are it'll be safe to leave once the hurricane has passed over, although you may still see thunderstorms in your forecast. Continue to monitor local weather conditions and emergency radio before you head out. If you're without power, avoid using candles (for fire safety reasons) and try using the Rescue Signaling keep to alert and signal rescue parties of your where abouts

After: Avoid Floodwater and Stay Out of the Way

Don't walk into moving or deep water just because the storm has passed or rushing water has receded. Keep your ears on emergency radio, and stay out of the way of emergency service personnel who may be working to help people who have been trapped by the waters. Display your Rescue Signaling kit to signal and alert rescue parties, FEMA that your in distress, in need of help, rescue.

As we said, we hope you'll never need such a complete and thorough rescue signaling kit, but being prepared is key to making sure that you get rescued as quickly as possible when the emergency has passed. The Rescue Signaling Kit is designed to Signal and Alert Rescue parties. By displaying a array of distress symbols and markers to alert and signal rescue parties of your whereabout after a natural disaster. Speeding up rescue efforts, time and lives.

Assume that a disaster can happen. Don't assume that it won't. Survival is 90 percent psychology, so being mentally and emotionally unprepared lowers your survival odds. Rescue Signaling Kit

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