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Survival is 90 percent psychology, so being mentally and emotionally unprepared lowers your survival

Rescue Signaling Kit : Rescue signaling kit . Is designed to signal and alert rescue parties in time of distress. After a natural disaster ( hurricane, earthquake, tornado, tsunami, flooding, etc) occurs, rescuing survivors can be challenging. Nature disasters disrupt communication and electricity. Resulting in no phones, internet or communication means. Leaving the survivor stranded in the home, office and area of distress. Waiting on rescue parties! Scrabbling to put together what every they can to signal and alert rescue parties of their whereabouts! Rescue attempts can be prolonged as rescues have to search ever home and areas physically in attempt to identify survivors. The purpose of the distress kit is to immediately alert rescue parties, FEMA, rescue departments, community and neighbors of your whereabouts. Alerting them that your in distress, need help and or rescue. By displaying the kit as instructed it will display varies symbols of distress. After a natural disaster the display will signal and alert rescuer parties that your in distress, in need of help or rescue. (Please take not. This is not a survival, safety,or first-aid kit . This is a rescue signaling and alerting rescue party kit.

You need to prepare yourself, your family, and your community to survive at least 72 hours before rescue in an emergency. Don’t rush directly into the disaster area with a shovel trying to help — professional first responders need time to make sure the area is safe before volunteers can come in. Phone networks will be strained and emergencies need priority access. You will need to Alert and Signal Rescue parties of your whereabouts

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