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After hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, or floods, survivors face enormous obstacles. Prepare yourself, your family, and your community to survive at least 72 hours, and when rescue parties arrive, help them to help you by signaling your location.

The Rescue Signaling Kit is designed to improve your chances of being found and rescued, reducing the amount of time it takes for help to arrive. The Rescue Signaling Kit will immediately alert rescue response, rescue parties, Fire rescue, FEMA, community and family of your whereabouts. Alerting them that you are in distress and need help or rescue. Use the kit as instructed and you will harness a powerful array of visual symbols and audible signals that can improve your chances of survival.

We focus on emergency and disaster response. Our Rescue Signaling Kit is a collection of essential items used to alert rescue parties in times of distress. When you are laying out the plan for your emergency signaling devices, you need to consider where you’ll be and what type of rescue operation might be organized. Don’t rely on just one type of signal. Make sure you have visual, audible and nighttime methods to signal rescuers.

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