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Empowering Urban Communities For Survival


At Rescue Signaling, we are passionate about helping people prepare for emergencies and natural disasters. Our brand was founded in 2005 by someone who witnessed the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and saw the need for affordable, user-friendly products that could signal for help and alert first responders in times of distress. We are committed to developing high-quality signaling and alerting products that can help people be seen and heard by first responders, reducing the time it takes for rescue and saving lives. Our goal is to create products that are relevant, affordable, and easy to use, making them accessible to everyone. At Rescue Signaling, we believe that every household should be able to afford to be prepared for any emergency.


Our Vision

  • Affordable preparedness

  • Community readiness

  • Disaster prevention

  • Visible alerting


Our Promise

  • Quality products

  • User-friendly design

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Customer satisfaction


Our Mision

  • Signaling and alerting

  • First responder support

  • Injury prevention

  • Life-saving preparedness

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs.


Rezcue Signaling Brand is dedicated to educating and funding youth entrepreneurs from underserved communities.  For every Rescue Signaling Reflective Kit sold. Rezcue Signaling brand will donate a portion of the proceeds to fund youth entrepreneur projects. From underserved communities.  Our goal is to provide one 10k scholarship per year. To educate, work with and fund projects. Gradually increasing in value and awards as business remains. Our giveback mission is to empower young visionaries from under serviced communities to envision, plan, and create their dreams.

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The Rescue Signaling Kit saved my life during a natural disaster. The distress whistle and signal paint marker helped rescuers locate me quickly.
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