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  • Lightweight and non-corroding whistle which will float in sea water.
  • Perfect for Signal and Alert  Rescue parties, mountain rescue, marine safety, evacuation, warning, fire wardens.
  • Can be used either with a lanyard or clipped directly onto an application.
  • Finger grip area makes whistle easier to hold.
  • Bright orange polypropylene construction.
  • Non-corrosive and buoyant in seawater.
  • New enhanced ergonomic feel.
  • Overall Dimension: Approx. 2 3/4 x 3/4 inch( L x W).
  • Material: Polypropylene.
  • Color: As Picture Shows.

LOUD Signal and Alert Rescue Distress Whistle

SKU: 0002
    • High-decibel, LOUD rescue whistle for signaling and alerting
    • Designed for boating, hiking, survival, and rescue situations
    • Bright orange, lightweight, and waterproof with a lanyard for easy carrying

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