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Rescue Reflective Flag: Rescue reflective flag with grommets in each corner for tie down.Rescue logo is displayed in certified reflective material, sewn in making the flag durable in highwinds, rain, and hail. Land, air, or water the Rescue reflective flag is highly visible from over500 Yds and can be seen day or night. Specifications: Measuring 2.6 feet X 2.6 feet, nylon, durable, lightweight, grommets. Come with tie down strings.

Rescue carry-bag: Rescue reflective bag, conveniently hold all exclusive Rescue Signaling products, with pull tie string close. All in one convenient area. Rescue carry-bag is designed to easily clip on or be added to any: Survival, prepper, boating, camping, biking, hiking, or first-aid kits. Rescue bag can be used as a signaling and alerting device by waving above head or placing in areas rescue may search. Light weight, durable, bright, reflective.


Rescue Flashlight: Rescue LED flashlight. Handheld, self-crank generated power, never need batteries. Three high-power LED beams, highly visible, durable, and water-resistant.  Specifications: High-impact plastic handle, eco-friendly and corrosion-resistant.  Crank 30 seconds press=15 minutes of light, 60 seconds press=25 minutes of light, Visible distance up to 5-meter, super bright LED white light.

Rescue Beacon: Solid construction with IP67-rated LED for waterproof and shatter-proof performance. Features 12 powerful LED lights and 3 bright SMD LED lights for maximum visibility. Provides 9 different signal and alerting modes for versatile emergency signaling. Compact design with a magnetic and hanging clip for easy placement in car, home, boat, RV, or camper. Perfect addition to any emergency, survival, or prep kits for being prepared in any situation.


Animal Beacon: PET ID, LED clip on rescue beacon. Identify your pet's name and contact information. Walking awareness, be seen night or day. Highly visible, water resistant. Battery included. Clips on to pet collar. Natural disaster preparedness. Be prepared!


Rescue Emergency Blanket: Reduce shock, keep warm, dry, and clean. Helps against hypothermia .Easy to use, light weight, waterproof. Size: 160X210CM (single person or big enough for two people). Highly reflective silver mylar. Use to signal and alert First Responders. Add to any survival, emergency, backpack, or preparedness kit. For single-use only.

Whistle: Lightweight and non-corroding whistle which will float in sea water. Perfect for Signal and Alert Rescue parties, mountain rescue, marine safety, evacuation, warning, fire wardens.Can be used either with a lanyard or clipped directly onto an application. Finger grip area makes whistle easier to hold.Bright orange polypropylene construction.Non-corrosive and buoyant in seawater.New enhanced ergonomic feel.Overall Dimension: Approx. 2 3/4 x 3/4 inch( L x W).Material: Polypropylene.Color: As Picture Shows.


Be Prepared with Rescue Signal and Alert Deluxe Kit
The Rescue Signaling Reflective Flag Kit is a must-have for anyone looking to be prepared for unforeseen catastrophic events, emergencies, or rescue situations. This kit is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from hiking and camping to boating and driving. With its lightweight and compact design, it's easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Delux Kit: Rescue Reflective Signal and Alert Kit

SKU: 0016
  • Rescue Reflective Flag x 1

    Rescue carry-bag x 1

    Rescue Flashlight x 1

    Rescue Beacon x 1

    Animal Beacon x 1

    Rescue Emergency Blanket x 1

    Whistle x 1

    • Store all rescue products in one convenient location.
    • Highly reflective, it can be used as a signaling device.
    • Clip-on attach to any hiking, home, or survival kits.
    • Tie-string for closing, lightweight, durable .

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